1. Exporting
    We export defense products & equipment from a variety of vendors & sellers to end users throughout the world. Our mission is to provide you the highest level of service in the most convenient manner. We are committed to delivering on time, every time to you target seaport or to designated pick up site. Our highly trained security teams give you the assurance you require for areas of active conflict or high probability regions in developing & third world countries. Please mention any specific requirements when contacting us in order to collaborate on your customized special needs.
  2. Procurement
    At Iron Bridge Associates, we understand the complexities of defense fulfillment, from offsetting procedures within the industry & the diversity of each import/export contract, to respective countries policies & the logistics required for each transaction. We assist with documents & correspondence, currency exchange & government regulations. As distributors for manufacturing & exporting companies all over the world, we proudly serve these United States of America & our Allies, including all NATO/Baltic member States & their militaries, as well as law enforcement agencies.
  3. Technology & Supply Chain
    Technology & Supply Chain
    With the innovations in defense systems, it is a challenge to find the right broker or supply chain partner for your unique requirements. Iron Bridge Associates work as partners with our clients to find the right solutions for your needs. We specialize in supporting developing countries advance their defense capabilities & can maintain & replenish dwindling arsenals in developed regions. We also specialize in the transfer of technologies, including unmanned vehicle systems.
  1. Military Hardware & Surplus
    Military Hardware & Surplus
    With the surplus of articles of war left over from Cold War stockpiles, we can help dispose of equipment saving our clients costly expenses for maintenance, storage & upkeep. We are specialists in Soviet Era hardware, tracked & armed vehicles, small arms & short/medium range ballistic missile systems.
  2. Small Arms & Ammunition
    Small Arms & Ammunition
    Iron Bridge Associates provides all types of small arms, destructive devices and all calibers of ammunition including large caliber ammunition, hand grenades and other quality weapon systems & products. We provide you with a global network of suppliers & sellers to help you meet the demands of virtually every scenario in times of peace & war.
  3. Armored Vehicles
    Armored Vehicles
    We sell vehicles & armaments used for combat, reconnaissance, medical evacuation, communications, transport & command posts. End users can select from a variety of tracked vehicles & tanks, bridge & transport units, mine resistant armored personnel carriers, launch vehicles, howitzers, medical units, surveillance vehicles, surface-to-air & air-to-air equipment & surplus inventory. We can supply all the necessary weaponry & upgrade packages for your hardware's specific role.
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